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City of Astoria, Oregon


Community Events

North Coast Swim Club Dolphin Splash

The North Coast Swim Club will be hosting their annual Dolphin Splash fundraiser on Saturday, June 10th from 9:30 AM -4:30 PM.  Members of the swim club will be accepting donations for individual swimmers based on the number of laps completed.  For more information, visit their website at

The North Coast Swim Club is a year-round competitive swim club providing education in the sport of swimming to athletes of all ages. Through training and guidance, swimmers have the opportunity to develop lifelong skills needed to attain their goals in a fun and safe environment and in accordance with the standards, rules and regulations of USA Swimming, Inc.


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Ashley Schacher

When Aquatics Manager, Genessee Dennis, arrived in September, there were no Aquaducks classes because we did not have a teacher.  Ashley was asked if she were interested in working with babies - knowing she was a swimmer.  Ashley willingly obliged and was eager to learn.  She was given the resources for instruction and she developed the curriculum on her own.  She has even taken on private instruction and other swimming lessons.  Ashley is awesome with the kids and their parents.  She is self-motivated and never misses her shifts.  Not everyone is willing or good at working with really young children, so thank you Ashley for all you do at the Astoria Aquatic Center!


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